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bKVM 256

bKVM 256

$2.39 / month


RAID-10 hdd 10GB

Bandwidth Unlimited

CPU 1x3.30GHz

bKVM 512

bKVM 512

$3.99 / month


RAID-10 hdd 15GB

Bandwidth Unlimited

CPU 1x3.30GHz

bKVM 1024

bKVM 1024

$6.99 / month

RAM 1024MB

RAID-10 hdd 20GB

Bandwidth Unlimited

CPU 2x3.30GHz

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Up to some extent, you were happy with a shared option. You might have applied it for ages. It has been providing you with all the needed functionality.

However, at some moment, when your firm starts expanding or when you find more customers, you might need to consider a different alternative. Usually, a VPS Bitcoin is a common option that is used in such cases.

A VPS is a completely private space within any physical hardware. There might be a lot of these independent spaces. But the main point is that they all function like smaller independent servers.

When You Need to Rent VPS Bitcoin for Your Enterprise

We are not against shared hosting solutions. They are wonderful when you need to run smaller blogs or pages; they are ok even for smaller websites. However, at some moment, this solution becomes not sufficient to comply with all the expanding needs of your company. It is an indication that it is the right time to move to a different alternative. Most company owners decide to rent VPS Bitcoin.

The main reason for using a VPS is its security level. It is perfect. Nobody can get access to your information unless you give the login data.

Furthermore, the host is responsible for all the maintenance and support operations. You get a finished product. All the rest is not your problem.

One more amazing characteristic is the payment scheme. You pay only for the functionality you use. However, be careful. Plenty of people prefer to implement everything that, they believe, might be useful. It is not the right approach. All the functionalities are there, in the physical hardware. You can implement them whenever you need them. However, paying for them “just in case” because you might need them one day is unreasonable.

You can implement there any needed solutions if it is possible due to VPS Bitcoin functionality. Usually, the options of a good VPS provider cover all the standard needs of a business.

All in all, a VPS is an amazing(solution|alternative that combines the best features of a shared(solution|option, low prices, safety, and a dedicated(solution|option efficiency, security, and functionality.

At some point, you may face the same issues: your business is increasing, and renting VPS Bitcoin is not convenient anymore. It can be related to different reasons, but the main one is again the alternative price.

We have mentioned that a VPS is usually a reasonable solution regarding the price. Nevertheless, this statement is valid up to some moment only. After some levels are achieved, it becomes too expensive, to such point that it is cheaper to buy a dedicated server rather than continue paying for a VPS.

It often happens when the enterprise has grown to such an extent that a complex CRM is needed. It requires significant space to be implemented. The options are usually immense. These two factors boost the cost of a VPS Bitcoin significantly. Hence, at this stage, plenty of companies start thinking about a reliable dedicated option to move on. The practice shows that in most cases, it pays off during the first months.

One more situation when you need a dedicated solution is when you are running an e-commerce website. Then, the functions of a VPS might be not enough, especially if the physical hardware is not set up properly.

Then, it is the right time to think about the next level: a dedicated option. When we speak about a dedicated alternative, we mean your own hardware. Yes, it requires significant investments at the initial stage. You will be the only one who is responsible for its functionality, speed, and so on. In the very end, you might need to hire a team of specialists to take care of all those aspects. But if your business is expanding constantly, and a VPS Bitcoin does not provide the needed options, you will benefit in the long term.

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